Why detect and analyze the Custom 18650 Battery Pack

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Detection and analysis of custom 18650 battery pack

Generally, the capacity of 18650 lithium batteries is increased by parallel connection. For example, the 20000mah of mobile power supply is generally composed of 8 2600mah batteries or 6 18650 batteries of 3400mah. 3.7v capacities have been increased in parallel. Then the voltage is increased by a series. Two series are 3.7*2= 7.4v, three 12.6v and so on.

Factory Price 18650 Battery Cell high power

Electric bike battery 36v and laptop batteries are raised to 12 V/36 V/48 V/72 V by multi-battery series. If the battery capacity or quality is different. In the process of use, there is always a lot of the first loss. Just like the barrel of short board principle, a battery or a group of batteries in parallel affects the total battery voltage and capacity of the whole battery pack.

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For example, laptops are generally 2 and 3 strings, which make up 10.8 v-12.6 v batteries. A group of 2 parallel batteries will be depleted first, which will reduce the capacity of the whole battery. Specifically, battery standby time is short, charging speed is fast, electricity is also fast.The same goes for things like electric cars.
That’s when you need to replace the battery pack to avoid the barrel effect. In this way, the battery can be balanced and extended.

18650 Battery wear detection

  • Battery consumption performance: battery voltage and low capacity.
  • Direct measurement with voltmeter. If the voltage at both ends of the 18650 battery is lower than 2.7v or there is no voltage. Indicates damage to the battery or battery pack. Normal voltage 3.0v ~ 4.2v (generally, 3.0V battery will be voltage cut-off, 4.2V battery voltage will be full saturation).
  • If the battery voltage is lower than 2.7v, a charger (4.2v) can be used to charge the battery.After 10 minutes, if the battery voltage has recovered, you can continue to charge until the charger is full. Now let’s look at the charge.

    If the full voltage is 4.2v, it indicates that the battery is normal. It should have consumed too much power in the last use and the battery is off.

    If the full voltage is much lower than 4.2v, the battery is damaged. If it is the battery that USES very long, can judge this battery life arrived. Capacity runs out basically.It should be replaced. There is basically no way to fix it. Lithium batteries, after all, have a lifespan, not an infinity.

  • If you measure the battery, and the battery has no voltage, there are two situations. One is the original battery is good, long-term loss of power storage, this battery is a certain probability of recovery. Lithium battery pulse activator is generally used to charge the battery several times in a short time. It’s possible to fix it.General repair cost is not low. Please buy a new custom 18650 battery pack.

18650 rechargeable battery pack

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