The difference between LiPo Packs and NiMH Batteries


NiMH battery, short for Nickel-metal hydride battery , is an upgraded version of NiCd battery. lipo battery, short for lithium polymer battery, is a newer kind of technology. It’s made of carbon and highly reactive lithium, which can store a lot of energy. Below is the structure of a lipo battery. With the flat structure the inner resistance is smaller.

LiPo batteries offer three main advantages over the common NiMH batteries:

  • LiPo batteries are much lighter weight, and can be made in almost any size or shape.
  • LiPo batteries offer much higher capacities, allowing them to hold much more power.
  • LiPo batteries offer much higher discharge rates, meaning they pack more punch.

But, just as a coin has two sides, there are some drawbacks to LiPo batteries as well.

  • LiPo batteries have a shorter lifespan than NiCd/NiMH batteries. LiPos average only 300–400 cycles.
  • The sensitive chemistry of the batteries can lead to fire if the battery gets punctured and vents into the air.
  • LiPo batteries need special care in the way they are charged, discharged, and stored. The required equipment can be expensive.

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