The Basics knowledge about quadcopter drone LiPo Batteries

The basics knowledge about quadcopter drone lipo batteries

Quadcopter Drone Lipo Batteries

We usually call UAV battery,drone battery, RC battery. They belongs Lipo battery. Lipo battery including many different material for example: Nimh, Lifepo4, lithium etc. The UAV battery are made of Lithium polymer battery but with high discharged 15C-25C even 60C.

The drone lipo battery with sticker indicate: capacity, voltage, C-rating. And balance lead (discharged connector), main lead (charge battery connector). For discharged connector we have XT60/ XT90/ T PLUG/ AX150. Balance charger type are same.

22000mAh 14.8V 25C

22000mAh 14.8V 25C


How to chooes the quadcopter drone lipo batteries connector?

Generally how to choose the quadcopter drone lipo batteries discharged connector based on your UAV connector type. There are another feature of our IATA battery is that we have a velcro–tape for each battery in order to battery are stable in the UAV surface. For example some big UAV battery are outside.

lipo battery discharge connect

lipo battery discharge connect

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