The Trend Of Lithium Polymer Battery Application In Various Industries

Lithium Polymer Battery Application In Agriculture, Electronic products …

Since polymer lithium batteries have been developed and used, lithium polymer battery application have largely replaced previous NiMH batteries. Lipo batteries are becoming more widely used in digital products in our lives. Therefore, it has also stimulated the innovation capability of lithium polymer battery manufacturers. The new application of lipo batteries is expanding. Rcbatterysupply is also one of the China lithium battery manufacturers. We introduce the current trend of lithium polymer battery application in various industries.

Lipo battery for Agriculture

Animal feed manufacturing and fish farming equipment, fertilization, irrigation.

Lipo battery for Car equipment

Car alarm, audio,  key  and light . driving recorder, key light, detachable flashlight, etc.

Lipo battery for Communication

Bluetooth headset, mobile phone, cordless phone, portable terminal, mobile phone, modem, pager, Personal digital assistant, Personal mobile station, satellite phone, smart phone, walkie-talkie, etc.

Lipo battery for Electronic products in life

Alarm system, bicycle watch, bird cage feeder, CD player, consumer POS machine, digital camera, electronic calculator, smart toy, laser pointer, MP3/MP4/MP5 player, music greeting card, digital photo album, portable dvd, Remote control, fragrance machine, razor, solar application, watch, bicycle light, flashlight, headlight, mini flashlight (LED), rechargeable flashlight, diving light, solar light, hearing aid, etc

Lipo battery for Industrial

Clock module, distributor, display feeder unit, fuel cell, jack lift system, Lubrication, Lubricator Point of Sales, Scanning, sensor timer and system, Anti-epidemic emergency lights, portable lighting work lights, memory backup (MBU), real time clock (RTC)…

Medical lithium polymer battery

Automatic pipette, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, body fat monitor, metering system, insulin pump, thermometer, veterinary medicine, etc.

The trend of lithium polymer battery application in various industries

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