How to Judge The IATA Drone Batteries are Good for sale

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Hello the RC battery funs. Today I will introduce some simple tips about judging good RC battery. I think you will be interest in it.

IATA drone batteries


  1. Appearance:


Generally for best RC battery, the consumer can see the 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S even 8S 9S battery cells clearly.

1s battery cell

1s battery cell


6s battery cells

6s battery cells


There are cardboard in the bottom to ensure the bottom smooth.


Use translucent film cover the battery pack. Let user can check inside battery cell condition at the first time.


Backside be pasted warning sticker with IATA drone batteries using precautions.



  1. Components:


IATA drone batteries all use high quality IC, PCM board etc other components to ensure each parts works well. User could check the discharged wire and discharged connector easily. We use 8AWG wire that can bear high current pass through.


In fact, there isn’t 100% perfect products. Specially for electronic products. Once there are any problem please contact related after sale department.


For example the best IATA drone batteries After sale Service Team with great service attitude. Help customers to handle any questions. Welcome everyone visit our website and test battery.

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