Do you know the origin of RC Drone Battery?

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7.4 v rc drone battery

7.4 v drone battery


More and more popular RC drone among kids and adults alike, a remote-controlled drone, helicopter or quadcopter. At the beginning, people buy the RC drone for fun do some active in the sky. However as technology improves their design, these innovative flying machines are being used for a growing number of commercial purposes from photography, crop management, mining operations and package delivery. So that the RC Drone Battery are be used from small capacity 1500mAh to high level 22000mAh, 32000mAh etc. Discharged rate are 25C normal for heavy RC drones.

Today let’s more about the RC drone battery. At the first time there isn’t square li polymer batter cell. All use cylinder nimh, 18650 battery cell to assembling battery pack to some remote toy for children. However as the technology moves, develop the polymer battery cell which size can be customized with your dimension and more and more thinner. The important is that improve the discharged rate so that the discharge current are big to support long flying time. And li polymer battery can be rechargeable isn’t one-time use. Be popular in consumer. RC drone battery are same of this type of batteries. One piece RC drone battery can lasting about 15 minutes also based on different kind of quality.

IATA power RC drone battery with enough capacity and A grade quality battery cell so can suitable for heavy duty RC drones. Like quadcopter for planting management. Over 10 years experience in battery and 5 years experience in high discharged rate lipo battery we have export rc drone battery to many customers all over the world and get good reputation. Because of our high quality and professional engineer. Not only product quality but also great after sales service that all make our customers to satisfy us. We will insist doing high end battery for all rc drone fans.

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